Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You may not believe this story, but it is true.  It is not since we just moved here, but still part of my life in New Orleans.  Will let you judge for yourself.

Ok, we lived in California and were visiting my husband's dad and step-mom.  It was 1993 and readgot y for my20th high school reunion.  Tells my age. Darn.  Anyway, we lived in CA and made the trip to Nawlins for a week before we went to SC for my reunion.  My hubby grew up sailing, so it was special that we made a weekend sail on his dad's new boat. We got Taylor a life jacket and we were off.  Fun day sailing on the Gulf Coast.  He was only 4.  So we set out on the "new" boat and everything is great.  I have only sailed on small boats in Myrtle Beach, so this was new for me. Nice day of sailing and then it gets dark and a gale wind and storm starts up.  Kerm's dad sends Tay and me under and closed the deck door.  We are thrown around under and can't stand the smell of the fuel coming inside the galley.  I go up and say I want to go home. In the meantime, the sheet got wrapped around the motor and we had no motor and the sails were down.  I got on the radio and called SOS, as I was scared for Taylor.  I could have survived the big waves, but was scared for him. I was listening to the Coast Guard and there boats and barges sinking everywhere.  I sent an SOS to the Coast Guard and they contacted me.  There were boats sinking everywhere. Going on, the Coast Guard contacted me and I told them to pick us up.  Kermit's dad was so pissed at me.  He go on and told them to disregard my request.  They told him he had no choice and came and pulled us to safety to a safe harbor.  We docked for the night and the coastguard boarded his boat and guess what.  The flairs were water logged, the life jackets were water logged and would have never  have held us up and his new boat was under so many violations.  I had never been so scared for the life of my child.  My hubby and step-mom, would never have spoken up, as they were a little scared of Grumps.  I think I saved all of our lives.  Maybe you had to be there, but true story.  I love to sail everyday and will live on a  boat one day.  Hope you live my story and then I will tell you about my 20th reunion.  So much fun.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ok, so I am a rookie Mardi Gras participant, so I enlisted the help of a friend that has been here for many, many years and knows the ins and outs of the "beast."  We planned a costume hunting day for today and decided we would find a costume for me or bust.  During the planning session for when and where we would go, another rookie Mardi Gras friend expressed interest in going, so it was a plan.  We 3 were to meet this morning at 11:30 AM  and start out journey.  First, we did lunch at Tracey's on Magazine St.   I ordered a salad and the others ordered poor boys.  Deb got hers and I got my salad shortly after.  We waited and waited and after a few crude remarks from Jess about the slow service, Jess finally got her sandwish.  It was great and now we have the strength to put on our shopping caps and hit Magazine St., where there are all sorts of shops.  Ok, we are in a shop that is filled with every type of costume you could ever want.  The problem is I have no idea what I want or where to start. As we all know, drinking is part of Mardi Gras and I need bathrooms when I drink.  Comfortable and easy to get down or off for the bathroom was the first thing that came to mind, but after those crucials, I had no idea. Rack after rack after rack of anything in this world you could want to be was in front of us.  The more I looked the more confused I got.  A 70's tunic looked easy to pair with purple tights and white go go boots.  Ok, I have it.  Yea, if I wanted my behind to hang out with one slight bend.  I never had white go go boots, so I really wanted that experience.  Oh well, no I won't surrender my modesty.  Didn't want down to the floor costumes, as everybody just steps on them and ticks you off.  Don't need that on such a hectic and unpredictable day.  OK, found something, tried it on and everyone said that was IT.  Still a little short for my taste, but my "friends" talked me into getting it.  Ok, I had to try on the entire getup just to see if it was the ONE.  OK, dress, check, hat, check, shiny black patent boots, check, and I can't tell you the rest or you will guess my costume.  I had the entire getup on and a couple of middle age guys came and walked by and asked us what party we were going to and if they were invited.  We were laughing so hard, so we figured that was the costume for me.  My frieinds liked it and the younger age guys liked it, so SOLD.  Down the street for a margarita before heading home.  Thanks for a great day girlfriends.  When I learn to put pics up, will send you pictures from Mardi Gras.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Woke up to a very foggy morning and it wasn't because we finished a nice bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet with a scrumptious dinner in the Rib Room in the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. What fun.  While we were having drinks in the bar before dinner a brass band began playing for a gentleman's birthday before many of his friends singing "happy birthday."  Where else but in New Orleans.  We were swept up in the moment and became part of his celebration.  Such a nice evening and Taylor and Ashley had a great time with us old fogeys.  Taylor felt spiffy in his suit and Ashley was adorable in her dressy outfit.  What a great evening for all.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok, I must have done something right, as a dear old friend from USC just answered me.  So exciting, as it has been many, many years since we spoke.  Can't wait to catch up.  Getting ready to dress up and take the streetcar down to the Quarter with my son and his girlfriend to meet my husband for dinner.  It has been a beautiful, sunny day and I am anxious to walk around and gaze at the surroundings the Quarter has to offer. It is always unique and exciting, even during festivals where the crowds are massive and rowdy.  I will let you know how it goes, as the city is celebrating Martin Luther King Day, with most of the festivities taking place earlier in the day.


Alright, I must be doing something right, as a dear old friend from our days at USC made contact with me.  I can't wait to catch up.  Getting ready to take the streetcar down to the Quarter with my son and his girlfriend to meet my husband for a nice dinner.  I love to gaze at the sights the Quarter has to offer, along with listening to all of the blend of sounds that come from each direction.  Life is good.


Ok, here I go again to try and post first blog.  We moved to New Orleans last year and bought our house in March.  I posted my new adventures on Facebook, but a few "friends" didn't want to hear of my continuous fun adventures, so I just figured out how to blog.  Almost that is, I am trying.  I will start from today, but may have to go back in time if something is relevant.  I may continue to do this, or not.  We will just have to see, as this is my first experience.  Here goes....