Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You may not believe this story, but it is true.  It is not since we just moved here, but still part of my life in New Orleans.  Will let you judge for yourself.

Ok, we lived in California and were visiting my husband's dad and step-mom.  It was 1993 and readgot y for my20th high school reunion.  Tells my age. Darn.  Anyway, we lived in CA and made the trip to Nawlins for a week before we went to SC for my reunion.  My hubby grew up sailing, so it was special that we made a weekend sail on his dad's new boat. We got Taylor a life jacket and we were off.  Fun day sailing on the Gulf Coast.  He was only 4.  So we set out on the "new" boat and everything is great.  I have only sailed on small boats in Myrtle Beach, so this was new for me. Nice day of sailing and then it gets dark and a gale wind and storm starts up.  Kerm's dad sends Tay and me under and closed the deck door.  We are thrown around under and can't stand the smell of the fuel coming inside the galley.  I go up and say I want to go home. In the meantime, the sheet got wrapped around the motor and we had no motor and the sails were down.  I got on the radio and called SOS, as I was scared for Taylor.  I could have survived the big waves, but was scared for him. I was listening to the Coast Guard and there boats and barges sinking everywhere.  I sent an SOS to the Coast Guard and they contacted me.  There were boats sinking everywhere. Going on, the Coast Guard contacted me and I told them to pick us up.  Kermit's dad was so pissed at me.  He go on and told them to disregard my request.  They told him he had no choice and came and pulled us to safety to a safe harbor.  We docked for the night and the coastguard boarded his boat and guess what.  The flairs were water logged, the life jackets were water logged and would have never  have held us up and his new boat was under so many violations.  I had never been so scared for the life of my child.  My hubby and step-mom, would never have spoken up, as they were a little scared of Grumps.  I think I saved all of our lives.  Maybe you had to be there, but true story.  I love to sail everyday and will live on a  boat one day.  Hope you live my story and then I will tell you about my 20th reunion.  So much fun.

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  1. Ummmm...maybe we shouldn't go near the water when you and Kerm come up!!